Dr. Matthew Brown received his Doctor of Optometry Degree from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1988 and has practiced in Orange County for the last 26 years. He has served as an Expert Examiner for the California State Board of Optometry. Dr. Brown is TPA certified (Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent) which allows him to prescribe medications to treat conditions such as infection, inflammation, allergies, red and dry eyes. Since 1997, Dr. Brown has been on staff as a clinical director. He is committed to providing the highest quality of vision care to his patients. Professional eye exams, quality eyewear, and fast service, have built us a reputation for full-service eye care at affordable prices. We are the one place to turn to for all your eye care needs.
We utilize the latest technology for examining and diagnosing all types of eye disease and conditions. Whether prescribing eye glasses, contact lenses, or tailoring your treatment plan for Lasik or Cataract surgery, we are your number one source for modern vision solutions.

  • Annual eye exams are recommended for both children and adults to detect any problems and protect your eyes for life. Many people feel they see well, but…
  • Some eye conditions or diseases may not initially present with symptoms and if left undetected and untreated can cause visual impairment or blindness.
  • A professional eye exam is needed annually to detect certain health and visual problems that may not have obvious symptoms.
  • A comprehensive eye exam may also detect systemic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease, and even brain tumors.
  • We provide comprehensive eye examinations, diagnose and treat all eye problems and diseases, prescribe ophthalmic medications if necessary, and provide pre- and postoperative care for your eye surgery.

We are synonymous with superior, impeccable and genuine customer service. Book your appointment today @ 949.640.2009 to experience the best value in sight, health and wellness.